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    Promote your inhouse Innovation with INNOVATIONSTARTER.



    INNOVATIONSTARTER is designed for...

    • ... the introduction of innovation processes in SMEs.
    • ... companies with existing Innovation Management.
    • ... (University) schools and organisations with idea and project promotion.

    How it works:

    Channel einrichten We set up INNOVATIONSTARTER for your organisation under a subdomain (  
    Projekteingabe People enter inspirations, ideas and projects directly in INNOVATIONSTARTER. Decide who you grant access to INNOVATIONSTARTER – e.g. only people from internal departments or us (creative agency Designatelier, operator) or other external agencies/stakeholders. In the "Secured Wall", all entries are doubly protected against unwanted insights.
    Moderieren Moderate and manage the entries with a sophisticated workflow process in the admin area of your INNOVATIONSTARTER. If you wish, we can take over the moderation for you.
    Praesentation INNOVATIONSTARTER is optimised for submissions with varying degrees of maturity; from the first sketch of ideas to fully developed projects.
    Crowd Open up areas of INNOVATIONSTARTER for your external community. For example, let your customers rate new product designs in advance. Or give interested parties the opportunity to pre-order products using the integrated crowdfunding function.
    gezuendet With INNOVATIONSTARTER you experience a culture of innovation in which innovations are constantly being ignited.



    We will give you an InnoBox to represent the INNOVATIONSTARTER.
    Simply place the Innobox in the middle of the meeting table; during a brainstorming session, everyone has the opportunity to enter their thoughts directly into the INNOVATIONSTARTER via QR code.

    Are you interested in INNOVATIONSTARTER?  We look forward to hearing from you.




    Good to know:

    Personal contact
    We at Designatelier maintain close and personal contact with the users of INNOVATIONSTARTER. We are happy to be there for you.

    Technology & Development
    As the operator of the independent web solution INNOVATIONSTARTER, we can quickly respond to specific customer requests and are constantly developing the platform further.

    Integration of INNOVATIONSTARTER into your website
    You can easily integrate INNOVATIONSTARTER into your existing website with a small code snippet.

    We are able to design INNOVATIONSTARTER according to the corporate design of your company.